Starters & Appetizers

Steak Crudo $7.900
Crispy Panko Shrimp $8.990
Tuna Tartare $9.900
Mozarella Sticks $6.900
Iberian Ham $7.900
Seafood Salpicón $7.500
Salmon Ceviche $9.900
Parmesan Machas $9.900
Pil Pil Ecuadorian Shrimps $8.900
Seafood Empanadas (4 units) $6.000
Manchego Cheese $10.900
Locos (Chilean Abalone) with Mayonnaise and Green Sauce $13.900
French Fries 500 grs $2.000
Cheese and Mushroom Empanadas (4 units) $4.990
Goat Cheese with Paprika Sauce $5.990

Beer or glass of wine included
Choose one dish from the first category and another from the second one. A drink and bread are included in the menu.

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